onlytom is an artist from los angeles, california.

"when I was an early teenager I was super in to nine inch nails, which somehow lead me in to trying out the music software "Reason," I played with it for a year or so but never really got where I wanted with it. Sometime a couple years later I picked up a novation launchpad and learned ableton and I have been hooked ever since"

one word to describe this music: electric

sounds like: !??

kittyricky eat acid = the pom-poms.
they live in philadelphia with their puppy, clover, who is perfect.
one word to describe this music: extreme
sounds like: gonzo EDM

pinky swear is an artist living in brooklyn, new york.

"I wanted to find ways to express myself, and one of my saving graces was music. It made me want to make more of it, because it can work wonders and bring peace to an aching heart, or celebrate a moment of joy"

one word to describe this music: bouncy

sounds like: reggae-infused pop

lynden rook is a musical artist and multimedia visionary born & raised in HOUSTON, TX

"i started making music in middle school, mainly because i wanted to find a way to convey my stories in ways that only i uniquely could, and have my emotions reach and effect people the way that other artists reached me. i owe everything to rock band and guitar hero for introducing me to the idea of playing music and exposing me to music beyond the few cd’s that were in rotation on my panasonic cd player. these games inspired me to start playing drums, which led to playing for churches, expanding trying to learn other instruments, learning to record, and getting better at writing/producing!"


kitty ray is from daytona beach, florida and lives in philadelphia. she loves to make songs for her bands (the pom-poms and american pleasure club) and play with her fantastic dog clover. she recently started a really cool record label and also does voice acting for videogames.

one word to describe this music: dreamy

sounds like: dance pop underwater


' i do it because i do. i just do.
there's no reason beyond that.
it's just like, what i do.
why does michael phelps swim?
why does a car drive? '

one word to describe this music: 'weather'

sounds like: 'literally everything'